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Music Technology is the study of all things technological used in the creation, recording, processing and analysis of music. This include the creation of electronic music, audio engineering, music for film and television as well as research into the way humans perceive music.

Why study here?

Stellenbosch University's Music Technology offering is quite unique among universities since you study in an environment where award-winning productions are happening all the time. We record everything from international film scores to Grammy- awarded Rock bands and even develop and build some of our own sound equipment.

What can I study?

We offer an undergraduate course, a postgraduate diploma and a master's degree. Since Music Technology is such an interdisciplinary field you can qualify to enter our postgraduate diploma with any three year degree, or our master's degree with a four year degree in any field. See the details here. If you are interested in studying Music Technology please pay us a visit and we'll gladly show you around.

What will I learn?

The physics of sound, the science of hearing (Psycoacoustics), synthesis, MIDI, electronics, microphones, mixers, speakers, music software, Digital Audio Workstations, film sound, as well as various forms of signal processing in both the analog and digital domains.