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Contact persons in the Department


Prof PG Slattery (Tel: +27(0)21-808-3248)

Ms HM Cilliers (Tel:+27(0)21-808-3249)

Mr RJ Clover (Tel: +27(0)21-808-3878)

Ms N van Zyl (Tel: +27(0)21-808-3526)

Mr D Corubolo (Tel: +27(0)21-808-9252)

Mr SJ Burgess (Tel: +27(0)21-808-9144)

Secretary: Ms LA Rhode (Tel: +27(0)21-808-3952

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Undergraduate studies


Actuarial Science Degree: How to become an Actuary?; All the subjects; The Actuarial degree at Stellenbosch; Exemptions from International examinations. A4 print size from WORD


Post-graduate studies


B.Comm.Hons (Actuarial Science)

M.Comm (Actuarial Science)

Ph.D (Actuarial Science)

Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science


Exemptions from Professional Examinations


The University of Stellenbosch has Level 3 accreditation with the Actuarial Society of South Africa (the highest level of accreditation available to a university). Under out Exemption Recognition Agreement with the Actuarial Society (and with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries) we are able to offer successful students exemptions from the following professional examinations:


Part A1 (Foundation Technical)  [Institute and Faculty Subjects]

A101: Probability and Mathematical Statistics  [CT3: Probability and Mathematical Statistics]

A102: Economics  [CT7: Economics]

A103: Finance and Financial Reporting  [CT2:Finance and Financial Reporting]


Part A2 (Intermediate Technical)

A201: Financial Mathematics  [CT1: Financial Mathematics]

A202: Models  [CT4: Models]

A203: Contingencies  [CT5: Contingencies]

A204: Statistical Methods  [CT6: Statistical Methods]

A205: Financial Economics  [CT8:  Financial Economics]


Part A3 (Core Principles)

A301: Actuarial Risk Management  [CA1: Actuarial Risk Management]

A302: Communications                                                              


Part F1 (Fellowship Principles)

F101: Health and Care Principles  [ST1: Health and Care Specialist Technical]

F102: Life Insurance Principles  [ST2: Life Insurance Specialist Technical]

F103: General Insurance Principles  [ST3: General Insurance Specialist Technical]

F104: Pension and Other Benefits Principles  [ST4: Pension and Other Benefits Specialist Technical]

F105: Finance and Investment Principles  [ST5:  Finance and Investment Specialist Technical A]


On completion of the university degree an appropriate exemption recommendation letter will be prepared for each student.




Applications must be submitted in writing, before the end of October, to:

The Registrar, University of Stellenbosch, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602.

Further information on the registration process can be obtained from Ms. N Daniels, or on tel: +27 21 808-4836.


Further enquiries


For further information please e-mail the Postgraduate Programme Convenor on


For further details about a career as an Actuary


    Actuarial Society of South Africa

    Institute and Faculty of Actuaries


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