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After completing his theological studies at the University of Stellenbosch, he spent 18 months at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) working on his doctoral thesis. Prof Rudolf Bohren and Prof Bethel Müller acted as his promoters. The theme of his research was: pneumatology - language - sermon-evaluation. Then 18 months of service in two congregations (Montclair in Durban, and Stellenbosch-Sentraal) followed. Since July 2001, he has been responsible for Homiletics and Liturgy, as important components within the broader framework of the communication of the Gospel. On the one hand, he concentrates on the development of a sound theology for preaching and, on the other, on the empirical research and the evaluation of sermons.


Prof Cilliers believes that worship service is the core of congregational ministry and that no responsible renewal can ignore this fact. It not only offers a barometer for the well-being of the church, but indeed serves that well-being. Therefore, it is of cardinal importance that a continuous theological reflection on preaching and liturgy should take place, especially in our time of transformation in South Africa.

Research Areas

The theme of moralism in preaching and the related question: how can one preach obedience as grace? still interest him. He also intends to do research in the following areas:

  • The role of the preacher in preaching
  • The function of the biblical text
  • The responsibility of the congregation
  • The presence of God


PT 214: Liturgical and Homiletical Processes in the Ministry
PT 424: Liturgical and Homiletical Communication of the Gospel
MDiv: Church and Worship
LicTheol 671: Worship and Communication
Leadership Studies 54356: Christian Worship and Religious Communication

Selected Publications

1994. God vir ons: 'n Analise en beoordeling van Nederduitse Gereformeerde volksprediking (1960-1980). Kaapstad: Lux Verbi. (God for us: An analysis and evaluation of Dutch Reformed national preaching [1960-1980])
1996. Die uitwissing van God op die kansel: Ontstellende bevindinge oor Suid-Afrikaanse prediking. Kaapstad: Lux Verbi. (The extermination of God on the pulpit: Alarming findings regarding South African preaching)
1998. Die uitwysing van God op die kansel: Inspirerende perspektiewe op die prediking - om God te sien en ander te láát sien. Kaapstad: Lux Verbi. (The designation of God on the pulpit: Inspiring perspectives on preaching - to see God and to allow others to see)
2000. Die genade van gehoorsaamheid: Hoe evangelies is die etiese preke wat ons in Suid-Afrika hoor? Kaapstad: Lux Verbi. BM. (The grace of obedience: How evangelical are the ethical sermons that we hear in South Africa?)



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