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Prof. H.L. Bosman

BA (Hebrew & Philosophy) UP 1971; BD (Theology) UP 1974; HonsB (Philosophy) UP 1978; DD (Old Testament) UP 1983.


The development of a fundamental theological understanding between biblical scholars in Africa that is based on a Christian faith, unlocking understanding in African contexts - a biblically inspired faith that works itself out in love and in a concerted effort to achieve justice for all, and to glorify God.

Hendrik Bosman was born in 1952 in Eshowe (Zululand) and studied predominantly at the University of Pretoria. He combined his postgraduate interest in Philosophy with a focus on Hermeneutics, Old Testament Theology and Ethics. This led to doctoral research at the Universities of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Marburg (Germany) that eventually came to fruition in a dissertation on the theological-ethical traditions in the Old Testament, as reflected in the commandment on adultery in the Old Testament. From 1979 to 1990 he served as lecturer and, eventually, as professor in Old Testament in the Faculty of Theology at the University of South Africa. Since 1991, he has held a chair in Old Testament at the University of Stellenbosch.

During the past few years he has focused on the following topics in his personal research:

  • Moving beyond liberation - a theological interpretation of the book of Exodus.
  • The dialectic of divine presence and absence in the Old Testament.
  • African and Old Testament concepts of time and history.
  • The impact of archaeology on the interpretation of the exodus.
  • The appropriation of the Decalogue in Africa by means of African proverbs.

Prof Bosman is a co-editor of the journal, Scriptura, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Ned Geref Teologiese Tydskrif; as well as on the executives of the Centre for Bible Translation in Africa and the Ecumenical Federation of Southern Africa.


  • Systematic Theology, Old and New Testament 114: Introduction to Theological Hermeneutics.
  • Old Testament 212: The Pentateuch.
  • Old Testament 242: Narrative Literature in Old Testament (Joshua - Nehemiah).
  • Systematic Theology, Old and New Testament 224: Theological Hermeneutics.
  • Theology A 311: Prophetic Literature in the Old Testament
  • Theology B 452: Lyrical and Wisdom Literature.
  • MDiv (Homiletics): Preaching from Instructive, Prophetical and Lyrical Texts.
  • MTh (Old Testament): Postgraduate seminars on Hermeneutics and Theology.
  • MPhil (Bible Interpretation): Focal component on Old Testament Exegesis.