About Ekklesia

Who/What is Ekklesia?
Ekklesia is an ecumenical centre focussing on practical ministry of the Faculty of Theology of Stellenbosch University. The word “ekklesia” means “church” or “congregation” and sometimes “community”. Accordingly we want to serve congregations, ministers/pastors/priests and other congregation leaders, and through them the wider community.

Where does Ekklesia come from?
Ekklesia takes the place of BUVTON (Bureau for Continued Theological Education and Research) which was founded as a service bureau of the faculty to offer short refresher courses for pastors.
Ekklesia also focusses on supporting pastors and congregations, but serves a wider spectrum of churches. This affirms the faculty’s commitment to the ecumenical church, congregations and ministers.

How does Ekklesia work?
Ekklesia is not a solo effort, but a network centre where the faculty, churches and other ecclesial institutions come together in a “network pool” to offer coordinated services to congregations and pastors. It is a service space where the faculty, churches and other role players help each other and serve congregations and the community together.

What does Ekklesia offer?
Ekklesia offers four main services:

  • continued theological training and ministerial formation for pastors. Ekklesia offers a variety of courses focussing on theological themes, better understanding of congregations and the formation of ministerial skills. There are also courses on vocation and spirituality. (See the programme for 2010 on the back).

  • research on congregations and the development of congregational programmes and tools. This includes services like the SA Partnership for Missional Churches, a facilitation service for congregations, the annual Lectionary aids, an annual conference for congregational leaders, and research about churches and leadership by the Unit for Religion and Research Development.

  • Ekklesia with Practical Theology offers an MTh degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Ministry Practice. These courses are academically well grounded but strongly focussed on the practice of ministry. Full-time academics and experienced ministers offer the courses, addressing themes like leadership, missionary ministries, spirituality and congregational culture. Contact: Dr Ian Nell, tel 021 808 9094, e-mail ianell@sun.ac.za, Dr Frederick Marais, tel 021 808 3265, e-mail jfm@sun.ac.za.

  • The Office for Moral Formation (with Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology) offers congregations guidance about morality issues and forming moral orientation. Contact: Dr Chris Jones, tel 021 808 3624, e-mail chrisjones@sun.ac.za.

Contact Us

Chrisna, tel 021 808 3624, e-mail cmer@sun.ac.za
Joanie, tel 021 808 3382, e-mail jcab@sun.ac.za
Dr Coenie Burger (part-time director), tel 021 808 3624, e-mail cwbu@sun.ac.za


Faculty of Theology, Ekklesia, Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology and Communitas Winter School

Faculty of Theology, Ekklesia, Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology and Communitas will be presenting a winter school this year.

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