NetACT is the Network for African Congregational Theology, a network of theological institutions in the Presbyterian and Reformed tradition in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Congregational Theology is theology as practiced in the Christian Congregation as the body of Christ, discerning the will of God in the process of interpreting the Scriptures and its own specific context, empowering the Congregation to address its multiple problems, challenges and sufferings, in Sub-Saharan Africa manifest in the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, abuse of power, corruption and economic injustice (among others).


In February 2000 in Nairobi, Kenya, a network was formed between the Faculty of Theology of Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and sister theological institutions in Southern Africa. The University of Stellenbosch acts as the central resource center from where the whole network is administered and coordinated. Initiated by the HIV-AIDS pandemic, poverty and the widespread corruption experienced everywhere, a holistic approach was opted for. We will start describing the general objectives of the project before focussing on the main thrust and most important spearhead of the endeavor: how to address HIV-AIDS in local rural and urban communities in Africa. In April 2001 the Mission, Values and Vision of NetACT were formulated and a detailed strategic planning exercise was held by all the participating institutions in Lusaka, Zambia. In August 2002 in Lilongwe, Malawi the constitution and the HIV / AIDS curriculum and project were finalised.

For the subsequent story and development of the network, see The NetACT Story:

Hendriks, HJ. 2006. Multiplying Resources and Research in Africa - The NetACT Story. NGTT 47:3&4. pp 489-505. (PDF, 198kb)

Discovering A New Hermenutic for the Seminary in the Congregation (PDF, 151kb)

Reliable leadership, sustainable seminaries. The NetACT story 2000-2010 (PDF, 197kb)


Download the  NetACT Constitution (PDF, 23kb)

NetACT is a network of theological institutions in Sub Saharan Africa, created and directed by these institutions, to assist them in preparing leaders for missional congregations.


NetACT accepts as the foundation of its values and activities the revelation of God as contained in the Old- and New Testaments.

NetACT believes that Christian congregations are instruments of God’s mission in this world, a royal priesthood, called to be a sign and foretaste of the Kingdom of God by:

  • demonstrating our unity and koinonia in Christ
  • declaring the praises of Him who called us out of the darkness into his wonderful light and proclaiming this good news to all;
  • practicing and promoting love and forgiveness, justice and peace;
  • serving the needs of the world by reaching out to all who suffer in any way;
  • upholding the sanctity of all human life and respecting the integrity of creation;
  • urging those in authority to use the power given to them to the honour and glory of God and to the benefit of those entrusted to their care;
  • interceding for all mankind and the whole of creation.

• Upgrade curriculum standards at our member institutions.
• Develop an effective system of communication, consultation and networking among all member institutions.
• Provide scholarships to advance the theological training of our institutions’ lecturers.
• Create an affordable and welcoming living environment for lecturers who are receiving advanced training.
• Organize lecturer exchanges among our institutions to provide needed expertise, and to create space and time for lecturers to further their studies.
• Maintain an adequately staffed coordinating office.
• Publish theological handbooks relevant to the African context.
• Ensure that an HIV/AIDS course is developed and maintained as a routine part of the normal curriculum at each NetACT institution.


Dr Rangarirai Rutoro (Murray Theological College, Zimbabwe, Chair); Mrs Maggie Madimbo (African Bible College, Malawi. Vice Chair); Dr Edwin Zulu (Justo Mwale Theological University College, Lusaka, Zambia, Secretary); Rev Leonard Katundu (Zomba Theological College, Malawi); Prof Jurgens Hendriks (Executive Director); Dr Ron Hartgerink, USA (representing donors); Prof Dr Nico Koopman (Stellenbosch University); Rev Arnold Nthara (Josophat Mwale Theological Institution, Malawi); Rev Miguel Nobre (Hefsiba, Mozambique); Rev Thomas Togom (Reformed Institute for Theological Training, Kenya); Rev Simon Gilham (NETS, Namibia); Rev Rafael Avelino (ISTEL, Angola); Rev Kitu Simāo (ISEU, Angola); Rev Jan Oberholzer, (Deaf Christian Ministry Africa); Dr. Jonathan Iorkighir (Reformed Theological Seminary, Nigeria); Dr Olo Ndukwe (Hugh Goldie Theological Institution, Nigeria); Dr Uma Onwunta (temporary for: Essien Ukpabio Presbyterian Theological College, Nigeria). (7 Aug 2012).



  AGM Board Minutes

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  AGM Board Minutes

  Bi-Annual Administrative Report

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  AGM Board Minutes

  Bi-Annual Administrative Report


  AGM Board Minutes

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  Annual Administrative Report


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  AGM Board Minutes

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  Report of the NetACT fact finding mission to Angola


  AGM Board Minutes

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  HIV/ AIDS Committee Report


  AGM Board Minutes

  Annual Administrative Report


  AGM Board Minutes


  AGM Board Minutes


Address: NetACT, 171 Dorp Street, 7600 Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Tel : +27 21 808 9248
Fax +27 21 808 3251 (Indicate: ATT NetACT)


Download 2013 List (PDF, 144 kb)

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Download the 2012-2013 list of NetACT Institutions(PDF, 43 kb)


Rev. Dr. Rangarirai Rutoro
Principal Murray Theological College,
Box 876,
+263 772 570 873


Prof. H. Jurgens Hendriks
Executive Director
Department of Practical Theology and Missiology, Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University.
Telephone: +27 21 808 3260 (office)
Fax: +27 21 808 3251
Cell: +27-21-73-772-6706


Rev Kurgi Samalia
Weidenhof House Administrator
Cell +27 76 416 3479
Street address: Weidenhof Street 14
Telephone (office): +27 21 808 3260 
Telephone (home): +27 21 886 8245 
Fax: +27 21 808-3251

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