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Elna Mouton, professor of New Testament Studies, joined the Faculty of Theology in July 2000 after she lectured in the Department of Biblical and Religion Studies at the University of Port Elizabeth for ten years. She views the teaching of biblical exegesis and hermeneutics as central to her task. "I want to help students to become better interpreters of the Bible - good listeners to the Spirit of God, to one another and our environment."


BA Hons (US), MA (UPE) and DTh (UWC)


Selected Publications


Books (academic)
Mouton, E 2002. Reading a New Testament document ethically (Academia Biblica 1). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature (paperback) / Leiden; Boston; Köln: Brill (hardcover).

Academic articles in subsidised journals
Mouton, E 1990. Faith, language and experience: An analysis of the feeling of absolute dependence. Hervormde Teologiese Studies 46/3, 345-358.
- 1993. Preaching from the Lectionary: Ascension (Exegesis and Proclamation). Journal of Theology for Southern Africa(JTSA) 82, 78-87.
- 1994. Reading Ephesians ethically: Criteria towards a renewed identity awareness? Neotestamentica 28(2), 359-377.
- 1996. The Communicative Power of the Epistle to the Ephesians, in Porter, SE & Olbricht, TH (eds), Rhetoric, Scripture and Theology: Essays from the 1994 Pretoria Conference, 280-307. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press. (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 131).
- 1997. The (trans)formative potential of the Bible as resource for Christian ethos and ethics. Scriptura 62, 245-257.
- 1997. Die verhaal van Afrikaanse Christenvroue: Uitnodiging tot morele vorming. Scriptura 63, 475-490.
- 1997. The Transformative Potential of Ephesians in a Situation of Transition. SEMEIA 78 (Reading the Bible as Women: Perspectives from Africa, Asia, and Latin America), 121-143.
- 2001. ‘Remembering forward and hoping backward’? Some thoughts on women and the DRC. Scriptura 76, 77-86. 
- 2001. A rhetoric of theological vision? On Scripture’s reorienting power in the liturgy of (social) life.Neotestamentica 35(1-2), 111-127. 
- 2002. Onskuldige slagoffers? Eksegeties-homiletiese kanttekeninge by 1 Petrus 4:12-14 en 5:6-11. NGTT 43/3 & 4, 523-529.
- 2002. Die Kanaänitiese vrou van Matteus 15: Hervormer in eie reg. Scriptura 80, 220-225. 
- 2004. Arm én menswaardig? Perspektiewe op God en menswees in 1 Timoteus (2:8-15). NGTT. (forthcoming)

Chapters in edited books (academic)
Mouton, E 1996. Efesiërs 1:3-23, in Burger, CW, Müller, BA & Smit, DJ (reds), Riglyne vir Sendingprediking tussen Pinkster en Advent (Woord teen die Lig I/10), 56-67. Kaapstad: Lux Verbi.
- 1998. Vier preekstudies vir Sesde Sondag in Paastyd (1 Pet 3:13-22), Hemelvaart (Ef 1:15-23), Sondag ná Hemelvaart (1 Pet 4:12-14, 5:6-11) en Pinksterfees (1 Kor 12: 3b-13), inPreekstudies met liturgiese voorstelle gebaseer op die Leesrooster vir lidmate - Revised Common Lectionary: Jaar A (Advent 1998 tot Koninkrykstyd 1999), 132-156. Stellenbosch: BUVTON.
Mouton, E & Bezuidenhout, R 1998. Met God op pad tussen herinnering en hoop? Ervarings van NG-vroue met die Bybel, in Boesak, WA & Fourie, PJA (reds). Vraagtekens oor Gereformeerdheid, 207-216. Belhar: LUS.
Mouton, E 2002. Gereformeerde vroue ná 350 jaar: Hervormend, helend, hoopvol? in Coertzen, P (red), 350 Jaar/Years Gereformeerd/Reformed (1652-2002). Bloemfontein: CLF, 300-309.
- 2003. (Re)Describing Reality? The Transformative Potential of Ephesians across Times and Cultures, in Levine, Amy-Jill (ed), A Feminist Companion to Paul: Deutero-Pauline Writings, 60-88. (Feminist Companion to Christian Origins Series). Sheffield: Continuum.
- 2004. ‘Remembering forward and hoping backward’? Some thoughts on women and the DRC, in Weisse, Wolfram & Anthonissen, Carel (eds), Maintaining apartheid or promoting change? The role of the Dutch Reformed Church in a phase of increasing conflict in South Africa, 283-292. New York; München; Berlin: Waxmann Münster. (Religion and Society in Transition, Volume 5). 
- 2004. Surprised by new contexts? Challenges of Reformed exegesis from within liminal spaces. Edited volume. Princeton, NJ: Center for Theological Inquiry. (forthcoming)

Books (popular)
Bruwer, D & Mouton, E (eds) 1986. Siekebesoek tuis en in die hospitaal: ’n Praktiese handleiding. Bloemfontein: NG Sendingpers.
Mouton, E 2000. Leef geloofwaardig! (’n Bybelstudie-reeks vir groepe of individue oor die Brief aan die Efesiërs.). Kaapstad: Lux Verbi.

Chapters in edited books (popular)
Mouton, E 1997. Nuut gedink oor die Bybel ... uit ’n vrou se perspektief, in Jones, C & Hulley, L (reds). Wonder jy ook oor ...? Gedagtes oor omstrede kwessies van ons dag, 131-148. Kaapstad: Lux Verbi.
- 2002. ’n Mens deur ander mense, in Vroue wat Inspireer: Die Nalatenskap van 16 bekende Vroue. Kaapstad: Struik Christelike Boeke, 90-105. 
- 2002. A person through other people, in A Woman’s Legacy: Inspiration from 16 prominent South African women. Kaapstad: Struik Christian Books, 88-102.
- 2003. Efesiërs: Om geloofwaardig en gelykwaardig voor God te leef, in Landman, Christina (eindred.), Leefstyl-Bybel vir Vroue, 1498-1516. Kaapstad: Lux Verbi.BM.

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