1st Meeting on Porous Molecular Solids (7-9 April 2015)

The meeting will focus on the recent advances in the field of porous molecular materials with the aim to provide interesting and stimulating ideas for future research.
10 keynote lectures, 32 oral contributions and 1 poster session will give the opportunity to discuss the state of the art in the design and synthesis of new materials, their structural characterization, the chemical and physical analysis of their properties, the possible applications from materials science to nanomedicine.
The Book of abstracts is available here.

Satellite Meeting on Large scale facilities (9-10 April 2015)
A satellite meeting is organized to provide up-to-date information on how to access large facilities, as synchrotron and/or neutron sources.
It will be an informal meeting, a brief introduction to synchrotron radiation and neutron facilities will be followed by the description of the available ESRF and ILL beamlines.
A special How-To session will introduce details about beamtime application procedure and how to write a successful proposal.