AR denarius, Antoninus Pius, AD 138 - 161


Titus Aurelius Fulvius Boionius Arrius Antoninus Pius succeeded Hadrian in AD 138. In defiance of the senate Antoninus had Hadrian consecrated, thus earning the epithet Pius. The new emperor followed a policy of diplomacy and maintained good relations with the senate which resulted in a relatively peaceful reign. He was married to Annia Galeria Faustina and at Hadrian's wish adopted the future Marcus Aurelius. In AD 139 Antoninus received the title pater patriae. He held his third consulship together with Marcus Aurelius in AD 140 and in the following year completed the construction of the temple of Roma and Augustus begun under Hadrian. In AD 148 Rome celebrated its 900th anniversary. After a long and peaceful reign Antoninus died at Lorium in AD 161 and was deified.
From AD 140 some coins of Antoninus Pius portray him wearing a breast-plate, spear in hand, with alert features and the focal point of expression the eye. In general his coinage promotes piety - the quality associated with the epithet Pius.
Earlier coin portraits depict Antoninus with his hair neatly arranged in individual locks, later replaced by rippling wavy hair framing his face and the beard becoming more stylised.

Obv. Antoninus Pius laureate right, ANTONINVS AVG. PIVS P.P. TR. P. COS. III.
Rev. Modius (container used to measure grain) with four corn ears and poppy, ANNONA AVG.

AR denarius, Antoninus Pius, AD 138 - 161


Antoninus held his fourth consulship in AD 145, again with Marcus Aurelius, who married Faustina the Younger in the same year.

Obv. Antoninus Pius laureate right, ANTONINVS AVG. PIVS P. P.
Rev. Winged thunderbolt on a decorated altar, COS. IIII.

Faustina Maior


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