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Rainer Kussler


Professor Emeritus


Dear Reader

I am the previous professor of German (1973 - 2004), and I chaired the departments of German from 1973 - 1997 and Modern Foreign Languages from 1998 - 2001. Before 1973 I was lecturer (1969 - 1970) and senior lecturer (1971 - 1972) in German. I gladly respond to the request to make my CV available on the Department's website via the link below.

Because I realize that CVs tend to describe as personal achievements what, in fact, has been achieved by many, I am including a document called 'Highlights' in which I present some of the developments, activities and accomplishments which, I believe, distinguished my tenure, in the wider context of the human environment which fostered it.


Rainer Kussler
Stellenbosch, April 2012


Updated: 06-Feb-2018