Meet the team




C du Toit
Prof. Catherine du Toit
Associate Professor, French
Chair, Department of Modern Foreign Languages
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2063
Office nr. : 541
E-mail : Prof. Catherine du Toit
Research Interests : The works and world of Henri-Pierre Roché; early 20th century literature; literary biography and autobiographical writings; comparative literature; literary myths; film studies; integration of literature and language teaching; translation
On Teaching : A short word about teaching
CV of Catherine du Toit (pdf) or web page



Rolf Annas
Prof. Dr Rolf Annas
Associate Professor, German
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2038
Office nr. : 555
E-mail : Prof. Rolf Annas
Research Interests :German and Germans in South Africa, Foreign language teaching and testing, Landeskunde, translation
List of publications (pdf)



I dos Santos
Dr Isabel dos Santos
Senior Lecturer, German
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2065
Office nr. : 559
E-mail : Dr Isabel dos Santos
Research Interests : German literature from the 18th century to the present, Austrian literature of the interwar period (especially Joseph Roth), women in literature, fairy tales, German as a Foreign Language and Suggestopedia, CALL, translation.
CV of Dr Isabel dos Santos (pdf)



R du Toit
Mrs Renate du Toit
Part-time Lecturer, German
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2050
Office nr. : 558
E-mail : Mrs Renate du Toit
Research Interests : 1. Didactics and methodology of teaching German as a Foreign language (special fields of interest: curriculum development, teaching of grammar, learning strategies, and assessment of language skills in Foreign Language teaching within outcomes based education in South Africa
2. Use of computers in language learning, with emphasis on the evaluation and development of language learning programmes.
CV of Renate du Toit (pdf)



E Leveel
Dr Éric Levéel
Senior Lecturer, French
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2032
Office nr. : 544
E-mail : Dr Eric Levéel
Research Interests : Simone de Beauvoir’s Works, Travels and Self-Built Existence. Literature of Travel. Autobiography as a Literary Genre. Gay Maghrebi Literature and the Representation of Homosexuality in North Africa. 20th Century French Literature. The French Intellectual and Artistic World during the Occupation of France (1940-1944). Holocaust and Pre-Holocaust Literature. French-speaking Romanian authors and intellectuals.
CV of Dr Éric Levéel (pdf)




J Steyn
Dr Johanna Steyn
Lecturer, French
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2062
Office nr. : 543
E-mail : Dr Johanna Steyn
Research Interests : Interpreting, 19th century literature, literature of Provence
CV of Johanna Steyn (pdf)



Prof von Maltzan
Prof. Carlotta von Maltzan
Professor, German
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2034
Office nr. : 550
E-mail : Prof. Carlotta von Maltzan
Research Interests : Africa in German literature/ Afrika in der deutschsprachigen Literatur; Intercultural Studies/ Interkulturalität; Topographies of Culture: Africa, HIV/AIDS, the city and violence in contemporary literature; German Jewish writers and Holocaust literature; Exile literature 1933-1945 (Klaus Mann); GDR literature (Heiner Müller); Women’s writing/ Gender Studies
Prof. Carlotta von Maltzan web page


DAAD Lecturer (German)


Dr Ursula Renate Riedner
Senior Lecturer, German; DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 3886
Office nr. : 537
E-mail : Renate Riedner
Research Interests : Literaricity, poetics, narration and language play in Second Language Learning; critical language teaching theory; Cultural Studies in German as a Foreign Language; Contemporary German literature.


Assistant Lecturers & Tutors

Ms Marie-Anne Staebler
Tel. nr. : (021) 886 2133
Office nr. : 540
E-mail : Marie-Anne Staebler



Marianne Friedman
Ms Marianne Friedman
Office nr. : 539
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2133
E-mail : Marianne Friedman



Allen Luo
Mr Allen Luo
Office nr. : 556
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2133
E-mail : Allen Luo
CV of Allen Luo (pdf)


Professor Emeritus





Mrs Lizelle Engelbrecht
Senior Departmental Officer
Tel. nr. : (021) 808 2133
Office nr. : 548
E-mail : Mrs Lizelle Engelbrecht


Extraordinary appointments


Prof. Michaela Holdenried (Freiburg, Germany)
Prof. Gunther Pakendorf (Cape Town)
Prof. Florian Krobb (Maynooth, Ireland)



Updated: 05-Mar-2018