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Doctoral Studies programme in German (PhD)

Course Code: 26107 - 978
Duration: At least two years.
Admission requirements: Master of Arts in German or an equivalent qualification
The student undertakes specialised, independent and original research and writes a dissertation, which makes up 100% of the mark. Students select a dissertation topic in consultation with a member of the Department under whose supervision the dissertation will have to be written. The dissertation will be duly examined by at least three examiners and includes an oral defence.
Enquiries: Prof Carlotta von Maltzan


Südafrikanische Studierende können Stipendien vom DAAD, von der Universität Stellenbosch und anderenStiftungen und Organisationen beantragen.

Kontakt: DAAD-Lektor Dr. Michael Märlein oder IC-Büro Johannesburg (

Universität Stellenbosch: Postgraduate and International Office and Postgraduate BursaryOffice


Themen mit Afrika bezug kann auch ein Stipendium der African Doctoral Academy der Stellenbosch University beantragt werden: African Doctoral Academy


We can supervise topics related to the following areas:

Prof Carlotta von Maltzan:

Dr Rolf Annas:

Dr Isabel dos Santos:



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