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What is algebra?
In case you have forgotten what is
University abstract algebra
You know this is School algebra (the MPG is GOOD!)
Origin of the word "algebra"
Between arithmetic and algebra
The nature of Mathematical modelling
Functions at Dartmouth College

On learning algebra
Handling pupils' misconceptions
Pupils' understanding of the distributive property
What is the object of the encapsulation of a process?
The Role of Story Problems in Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra

On teaching algebra
Teaching informal algebra
Overview of a functions approach to elementary algebra

Transformations 1
Transformations 2
More transformations of graphs
MathServ software toolkit - graphs, transformations, combinations . . .

Algebra activities:
Heartbeat vs exercise
Graphs and stories
Fun with calendars
Dynamic Java applets on variables, structure, functions NEW
Linear regression activity NEW

On assessing algebra
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Algebra projects and links:
AIMS patterns-based curriculum
Algebra for everyone
PUMP algebra curriculum
Massachusetts framework