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SU-CLaST has a solid infrastructure comprising two relatively well equipped laboratories: the digital speech processing lab (DSP-lab: Dept of Electronic Engineering) and the phonetics lab (Dept of African Languages) supported by the University. These two types of labs are necessary for the type of interdisciplinary research called for in the HLT domain.

Staff component: Two positions are sponsored by the University: the Director and Senior Researcher. The rest of the staff are either employed in their academic departments (and participate in projects on a part time basis) or are appointed per project. The current team:

Prof Justus C Roux (Director)

DLitt (Stell). (NRF Rated Researcher) HLT, natural language processing, African languages
Dr Febe de Wet

PhD ( Nijmegen ). Speech recognition, interactive speech based multimedia learning systems
Ms Alison Wileman

BA (UCT). Annotator - South African English
Mr S N-Koumba Binza
MA (Omar Bongo) Doctoral Student - Gabonese Languages
Prof Johan A du Preez

PhD (Stell). Digital signal processing: speech recognition, speech synthesis
Dr Thomas R Niesler

PhD ( Cambridge ). Digital speech processing, natural language understanding, dialogue systems
Mr Herman Engelbrecht MSc.Eng (Stell). Digital signal processing. Speech and language recognition.
Dr Christa van der Walt

DLitt (Pretoria). (NRF Rated Researcher). Multilingualism, educational language planning

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