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Publications 2007

  • Cucchiarini, C, Neri, A, De Wet, F & Strik, H. ASR-based pronunciation training: Scoring accuracy and pedagogical effectiveness of a system for Dutch L2 learners. Proceedings of Interspeech, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2007. (PDF file)

  • De Wet, F, Louw, PH & Niesler, TR. Human and automatic accent identification of Nguni and Sotho Black South African English. South African Journal of Science, Vol. 103, No. 3/4, pp. 159-164, 2007. (PDf file)

  • De Wet, F, Van der Walt, C & Niesler, TR. Automatic large-scale oral language proficiency assessment. Proceedings of Interspeech, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2007. (PDF file)

  • Louw, PH & De Wet, F. The perception and identification of accent in spoken Black South African English. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 91-105, 2007. (PDF file)

  • Roux, JC. Unresolved issues in the representation and phonetic description of click articulations in Xhosa and Zulu. Language Matters 38.1, pp 8-26, 2007.

  • Roux, JC & Visagie, AS. Data-driven approach to rapid prototyping Xhosa speech synthesis. Proceedings of the 6th ISCA Speech Synthesis Workshop, Bonn, Germany, pp 143-147, 2007.

  • Scholtz, PE, Visagie, AS & Du Preez JA. Synthetic voice construction using statistical methods. Annual Conference of the Pattern Recognition Society of South Africa (PRASA), Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, 2007.

  • Strik, H, Truong, K, De Wet, F & Cucchiarini, C. Comparing classifiers for pronunciation error detection. Proceedings of Interspeech (Special Session on "Speech recognition by automatic attribute transcription"), Antwerp, Belgium, August 2007. (PDF file)


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