Welcome to the Barbour Group home page. We mainly focus on the discovery, design, assembly and characterisation of new functional materials with interesting properties. In particular, we are interested in exploring and understanding structure-property relationships relating to (i) porous materials and (ii) materials that undergo unusual thermal behaviour (e.g. anomalous thermal expansion, thermosalience, phase transitions, etc.). Please visit the Research Page of this web site for more information on what we do.

Contact Details

Our Mailing address is:
Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science
Room 1009, de Beers Building
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1
Matieland, 7602
South Africa
(If you are mailing samples to us, please ensure that you indicate very clearly on the package that the contents have no commercial value.
Otherwise the samples may be detained by customs officials while their value is assessed)

Len Barbour
Room 1006
Tel: +27-21-808-3335
Email: ljb[at]sun.ac.za

Marike du Plessis, General Laboratory Manager
Room 1009F
Tel: +27-21-808-3347
Email: mdp[at]sun.ac.za

Leigh Loots, Diffraction Laboratory Manager
Room 1010
Tel: +27-21-808-3350
Email: leighl[at]sun.ac.za

Student Office, Room 1009A, Tel: +27-21-808-3302
Postdoc Office, Room 1011, Tel: +27-21-808-3348
Reading Room, Room 1009G, Tel: +27-21-808-9116

Fax: +27-21-808-3360

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