ICOLD African Club Objectives

The African Regional Club (ARC) of ICOLD is formed in terms of the ICOLD Constitution Section XII(1) which defines the broad purpose of Regional Clubs which "may be formed by groups of National Committees to facilitate interchange of knowledge and experience between countries with common interests and environments. The Clubs should seek to enhance access to ICOLD knowledge and experience by those who may not otherwise have access to the Commission's events."

The objectives of the ARC are:

  1. To support the policies and activities of ICOLD at a regional level.
  2. To promote leading practice in regard to planning, funding, investigation, design, construction, operation, maintenance, safety review, environmental sustainability and social equity associated with dams.
  3. To encourage exchange of information and experiences amongst ARC members on all aspects on dams.
  4. To support the holding of regional conferences and seminars on a wide range of topics associated with dams.
  5. To encourage the participation of non-ICOLD countries and engineering, scientific, environmental as well as business organisations in the activities of ICOLD and the ARC.
  6. To encourage individuals, particularly younger people, with skills and interests in engineering, science and environmental matters associated with dams to become active members of ICOLD and the ARC.
  7. To promote the professional training and education of individuals, including staff exchanges between organisations and countries, to help create up-to-date knowledge and skills on all aspects associated with dams.