Chinese 778
Honours programme in Chinese

Current Module Outline (pdf)

Contact periods:        6 lectures (language and culture) and 2 practicals  per week
Coordinator:              Prof YU Yuanfang

General description

The Honours programme in Chinese consists of two modules. Module one aims to enhance the learners’ language skills and knowledge of the target language and culture. In addition, an immersion programme is part of Module one, in which learners will attend an intensive course at the designated university in China and experience the culture and life style of the Chinese people. In Module two students are expected to complete a mini-thesis of their own chosen topic related to their Chinese studies.


Continuous Assessment:  An oral and written test will be held at the end of each term. Assignments are submitted for each individual theme every week and oral presentations are delivered at times by students on specific topics. A mini-thesis is worked on individually throughout the year, and is finally submitted at the end of the year. A student will not be qualified to attend the oral or written test at the end of the term if s/he is absent for three times in class without a medical certificate. Any clashes with other subjects will be counted as absence.

Generic outcomes

After completing successfully the Honours programme in Chinese, students will be able to:

Specific outcomes

Successful learners at the completion of the Honours programme in Chinese will be able to:



Updated: 30-Jan-2017