French 778
Honours programme in French

Module Outline

Course code : 13145 - 778
Level : fourth year
Duration : one year
4 lectures, 2 seminar sessions per week
Admission requirements : a BA degree with French as a major or an equivalent qualification.

This programme is a non-specialized course in French literature of which the main objective is to consolidate and significantly develop the student's existing knowledge and command of the French language in its written and oral form, to ensure increased competence in literary analysis and to provide training in research methodologies in the fields of French and comparative literature.

The duration of the course is one year and teaching is grouped in three thematic and independent teaching units.

Generic Outcomes

Students who have completed the course successfully are able to

Specific Outcomes

After completing the French 778 course, students are able to


MA-programme in French

Course code : 13145 - 878 (After Honours) and - 877 (Senate Approval)
Level : post-BA Honours
Admission requirements : Honours in French or an equivalent qualification as approved by Senate 100% thesis

This programme has no structured components. The student undertakes independent research and writes a thesis, which makes up 100% of the final mark. Students select a thesis topic in consultation with a member of the Department under whose supervision the thesis will be written.

Generic Outcomes

Students who have completed the programme successfully have proved their ability

Specific Outcomes

After completing the MA programme, a student is able to


Doctoral programme in French Studies (PhD)

Course Code: 13145 - 978
Duration: At least two years.
Enquiries: Prof. Catherine du Toit
Admission requirements: An MA in French or an equivalent and relevant qualification approved by Senate.

The student undertakes specialised, independent and original research and writes a dissertation, which makes up 100% of the mark. Students select a dissertation topic in consultation with a member of the Department under whose supervision the dissertation will have to be written. The dissertation will be duly examined by at least three examiners and includes an oral defence.


Further information on bursaries: NRF Prestige /Equity Scholarships for Masters and Doctoral study in 2008


Postgraduate Research:

Doctoral Studies (PhD)
(in progress – listed according to first year of registration)
2009 Snyman, Wilhelm: Literature of impasse: A comparative analysis of Joseph Roth’s Radetzkymarsch, Giorgio Bassani’s Gli Occhiali d’Oro and Henri Fauconnier’s Malaisie.
(Dr C. du Toit)
  Steyn, Johanna: Direkte vertaling versus abbavertaling: ‘n fokus op interkulturele oordrag, ideologie en habitus in die Franse vertalings van twee Afrikaanse romans
(Co-supervisor: Dr C. du Toit)


(in progress – listed according to first year of registration)
2009 Staebler, Marie-Anne: Analyse des stratégies d’émancipation ou d’adaptation des personnages de romans beurs à la réalité des marchés sociaux de l’échange.
(Dr C. du Toit)
2007 Fouché, Marietjie : « Se construire en lisant : Les petits héros ordinaires de Marie Desplechin »
(Dr C. du Toit)
2007 Graf, Marida : Mikro naturaliste? Étude comparative de l’approche naturaliste d’Emile Zola et du romancier afrikaans, Mikro
(Dr C. du Toit)
  Hofmeyr, Michael: Adaptation en BD du roman Extension du domaine de la lutte de Michel Houellebecq
(Dr C. du Toit)
  Papendorf, Willem : Comparaison des journaux de guerre de Robert de Kersauson et du Colonel de Villebois-Mareuil
(Dr C. du Toit)
2006 Fransch, Chet : Être [H]Agar[d] : Colonisateur/trice ou Colonisé(e)
(Dr C. du Toit)
2005 Steyn, Martine: Écriture de soi et image de l’autre – séparation et idéalisation dans deux récits d’inspiration autobiographiques
(Dr C. du Toit)
2004 Sherry, Sarah: Le triangle amoureux beauvoirien : le dilemme de l’amour nécessaire et contingent
(Dr C. du Toit)



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