Doctorate (PhD) in Comparative Literature


Explore the rich diversities of world literature across the boundaries of languages, disciplines, time periods, genres ...

Course code : 57479 - 978
Admission requirements : A Master's degree in Modern Literature, Afrikaans, Ancient Languages, Dutch, English, French, German, Northern Sesotho, Sesotho, Xhosa, Zulu or any African language whose literature is taught at the University of Stellenbosch. For admission, the candidate must submit a research proposal in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Faculty of Arts.

The DLitt programme in Comparative Literature offers students the opportunity to apply their academic background in languages and literatures to a multidisciplinary study of texts from diverse cultures. Students write a dissertation on a topic related to Comparative Literature. The topic is selected in consultation with the supervisor. 

Comparative literature is the discipline of studying literature transnationally, sometimes postnationally

Defined most broadly, comparative literature is the study of "literature without walls". Comparatists may focus on, for example :

What we share is a desire to study literature beyond various conceptual boundaries, and to accommodate the ability to explore texts in their original languages. Comparatists also integrate literary experience with other cultural phenomena, such as historical change and social movements.

While retaining a primary focus on the study of literary texts and respecting depth of knowledge in specific disciplines, the field of Comparative Literature attempts to arrive at a dynamic understanding of literature in global contexts by establishing a new accommodation between two or more distinct and possibly unconnected disciplines.

The programme is jointly offered by the Departments of African Languages, Afrikaans and Dutch, Ancient Studies (Greek, Latin and Biblical Hebrew), English and Modern Foreign Languages (French and German).

Catherine du Toit (programme coordinator)
(021) 808 2063
e-mail: Prof. Catherine du Toit

Updated: 05-Mar-2018