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The Java Components for Mathematics project provides an open source package of Java Graphing applets, which we can adapt to specific needs. Here is an orientation example:

You need to have a Java enabled browser to view this Java applet. If your browser supports Java, but you are seeing this message, you probably need to enable Java!

To begin to appreciate the possibilities these applets offer, you should interact with it yourself! Here is the "manual":

If there is a slider,
slider Click on the left-right arrows for small changes in the variable or parameter.
slider Click on the middle area for larger changes, or click and hold for continuous change.
slider Click and drag the slider for continuous change.

If mouse action is activated,
mouse A left-click zooms in around the point
mouse Shift plus a left-click zooms out around the point
mouse Left-click and drag a rectangle to enlarge the rectangle
mouse A right-click-and-drag "pans" (i.e. drags) the window.

If the applet displays buttons,
  • Change the domain and range ("limits") in the input boxes (type in new values and press ENTER or click Set Limits).
  • Click the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to enlarge/reduce the graph around the centre.
  • Enter your own functions or change the functions in the input boxes and press ENTER or click New Functions.
  • Note::
  • If an applet opens in a separate window, you can maximise or resize the window and move it to a convenient place.
  • If an applet becomes smugged, simply refresh the page! (Right-click and Refresh)
  • These graphing applets can be configured to suit a wide variety of situations and needs. Click on the hyperlinks below to see some more examples of the different styles and different configurations for the Java graphs.

    Note that:
  • These pages are not activities - it only shows what the applets can do. You should design the activities for your units using the capabilities of the applets!
  • It does not mean you will have to become expert in configuring the applets - if you specify it in your text, I should be able to configure it.
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