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Studying abroad does not only broaden your horizon, it can also be a door opener for a future career. Especially for students of Foreign Languages, there is nothing better than studying the language and the culture in the respective country. There are also funding opportunities for MA and PhD research since Stellenbosch University has many partnerships with universities around the world. Different programmes are offered for SU students by the Department of Modern Foreign Languages (French/German/Chinese), the International Office of Stellenbosch, national and international institutions. Check them out by clicking on the link or contact your lecturers or the International Office for specifics (funding, application procedure etc.) and more opportunities. Generally speaking, everyone with decent study records can go abroad on a study and travel bursary.


French Students:

Scholarships and Overseas Bursaries:

Sciences-Po in Paris (France)
Political Science, Law and Public Development

University of Strasbourg (France)
Business Sciences

Contact the International Office

The Bureau de Coopération pour le français (BCF) regularly awards bursaries to intermediate and/or advanced students of French to follow an intensive language course on Réunion. This wonderful opportunity serves as an excellent basis for students' further studies in French.
The BCF offers a programme allowing suitably qualified students to go to France for a period of 8 months to teach English. This is not a study bursary but an opportunity for the student to acquire educational skills and to practise his/her French by working in a French school while being remunerated.
The French Embassy in Pretoria further awards long term study bursaries to Honours students who wish to pursue their studies at a university in France. The department assists students capable of post-graduate studies in choosing a university that meets their interest, be it film or literary study, theatre studies or the teaching of French as a foreign language.

Contact the French section for more information.

Local Bursaries


German Students:

GermanyStudent group visit
Summer School (June/ July)/ Winter School (Jan/ Feb)

Contact the International Office

Contact DAAD lecturer; German Section

Further possibilities for studying in Germany, not only for language students are at

Hamburg University (Germany)
Tübingen University (Germany)
European Business School (Germany)
Göttingen University (Germany)
Hochschule Hof (Germany)
University of Hohenheim (Germany)
TU Munich (Germany)
Nürnberg University (Germany)

MA and PhD students

Bursaries to conduct research or fulltime scholarships




Chinese Students

ChinaAnnual Student Trips to China

Since 2005 students of Mandarin have had the unique opportunity to travel to China to attend a three-week-long intensive Chinese language training course at a Chinese university in Beijing. The trips which are open to all second and third year students are organized by the lecturers of the Mandarin section. An added incentive to be a top achiever in Mandarin is the promise of a full scholarship for this trip which includes airfare as well. These scholarships which are sponsored by Naspers are awarded to the five top students only.

These trips which usually start at the end of June and stretch across most of July are immensely beneficial for students. From a language perspective, it is a great advantage for students not only to hear the Mandarin language within its cultural, everyday context, but also to engage with the Chinese people in conversation.

Furthermore, the students also have the opportunity to see some of China’s historical sites, such as The Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace and the Forbidden City. Some newer sites, such as the Olympic Park, can also be visited, so that the students can engage with the unique mixture of the Old and New that is Beijing.

While in China, students either live with a family or stay in a student hostel. Students who live with Chinese families have the opportunity to experience the living conditions of Chinese families, while students living in a hostel are able to communicate with students from all over the world who are also studying Mandarin.

For second year students, these trips serve as encouragement to continue with their studies in Mandarin. For third year students, these trips not only encourage them to continue improving their Mandarin, but perhaps to seek employment in China.

These trips to China have always been successful, as students return with a deeper knowledge and understanding of both the Chinese culture and language.


Scholarships and Overseas Bursaries:


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