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Division of Polymer Science

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University of Stellenbosch

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South Africa

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Last revision: 10 February, 2023


Brits A

Light-induced RAFT-mediated polymerization. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

Brown ZA

Graft copolymers of retinal and polylactic acid: Synthesis and characterization. Dr M Lutz.

Daniels M

Designing antibacterial and antiviral polymer materials for 3D printed consumer and medical devices.
Dr R Pfukwa, Prof A du Plessis.

de Beer E 

Thermo- and pH responsive nanofiber hydrogels from novel amphiphilic graft terpolymers. Prof PE Mallon.

Jones C 

Highly functional polymer-clay nanocomposite hydrogels. Dr R Pfukwa.

Raoult KM

On demand-reversible hydrogels. Prof L Klumperman.

Rhoodie N

Amphiphilic copolymers for the fingerprinting of membrane proteins. Prof L Klumperman.

Smith M

Hydrogels based on poly(p-aryl triazole). Proffs L Klumperman, WAL van Otterlo, Dr R Pfukwa.

Steyn SS

Multi-porous carbon and carbon/ceramic nanomaterials for water treatment. Prof PE Mallon.

Webster AJ

Polymers for mass spectrometry investigation of membrane proteins. Prof L Klumperman.

White L

Iconic strength-resistant polymers for the isolation of membrane proteins. Prof L Klumperman.

Wessels I

The isolation of malaria-related membrane proteins. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

Wessels J

Development of multidimensional liquid chromatographic methods for the comprehensive characterisation of lignin-derived oligomers. Prof AS Lederer, Dr H Pfukwa.


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