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Division of Polymer Science

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Equipment available at Polymer Science

Last revision: 20 April, 2022


Thermal analysis





Differential scanning calorimeter

Netzsch DSC 214 Polyma

Differential scanning calorimeter

Room: 1009

Responsible person: Dr Helen Pfukwa

The instrument is used for standard DSC analysis. The following thermal characteristics can be measured: melting temperature and enthalpies, crystallisation temperatures and enthalpies, oxidative induction time (OIT) and oxidative onset temperature (OOT), glass transition temperatures, degree of crystallinity and thermally induced crosslinking reactions. The measurement of isothermal crystallization or isothermal temperature-induced curing for kinetic measurements is also possible. 

The DSC instrument is equipped with an IC70 cooling unit and can accommodate temperatures of -70°C to 600°C.

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Temperature rising elution fractionation

Temperature rising elution fractionation oven

Room: 1007

Responsible person: Dr Megan Matthews

The instrument, which was constructed in-house, allows for the fractionation of semi-crystalline polymers by means of crystallizability. The process involves slow cooling of a suitable polymer/solvent combination at around1°C/hour from 130°C to ambient temperature, and the subsequent elution of the fractionated material by stepwise temperature increase.

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