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Division of Polymer Science

Department of Chemistry

and Polymer Science

University of Stellenbosch

Private Bag X1


South Africa

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Mrs E Cooper

+27(21) 808 3172


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PhD students

Last revision: 1 June, 2021

Ball LE

Block copolymers for the SMALP technology. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Lauren's photo

Buys J

Degradable polymeric drug delivery systems. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa, Dr NP Gule. Jaques' photo

Chagwedera RM

Drug delivery system for malaria transfer inhibition. Prof L kklumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Ruvimbo's photo

Cronjé AHP

Poly(aryl-triazole) foldamers. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Annerike's photo

Cunningham RD

Copolymerization of maleic anhydride and N-vinylpyrrolidone. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Randy's photo

Dreyer RPG

Polymeric metal chelates. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Rudolf's photo

Johani JT

. Prof AS Lederer. Joshua's photo

Kellerman L

Reversible hydrogels. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa. Leanne's photo

Kuyler GC

Polymers for GPCR isolation and investigation. Proffs L Klumperman, M Wheatley. Gestél's photo

Liprini MS

Developing marker technologies to probe complex polymers and products. Prof AJ van Reenen. Marehette's photo

Matthews ME

Polydiacetylene based colorimetric ethylene gas sensor. Prof AJ van Reenen. Megan's photo

Motloung TB

Cellulose nanofibers-based materials. Prof L Klumperman, Dr L Hlalele. Bennie's photo

Murray RJ

Using lipid nanoparticles to study G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Proffs L Klumperman, M Wheatley.

Sibanda D

Mesoporous carbon nanofibers-ceramic hybrid materials for water treatment. Prof PE Mallon.

Sibanda N

Sustainable functional materials derived from lignin. Prof H Pasch. Ndumiso's photo

Sibariboyi S

Chain-end functional amphiphilic copolymers. Prof L Klumperman. Sinothando's photo

Sigwinta M

Multidimensional analysis and characterisation of chain walking polyethylenes. Proffs AS Lederer, AJ van Reenen .

Smit CM

Light-induced reversible hydrogel. Prof L Klumperman. Chandré's photo

Smit M

Polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticels for the diagnosis and treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dr M Lutz. Marica's photo

van der Westhuizen BJC

Biocompatible polymer nano-brush surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) for the cultivation of phototropic micro-organisms. Prof AJ van Reenen. Ben's photo

Williams CD

Development of advanced analytical tools for chemical characterization of lignin raw materials. Prof AS Lederer, Dr H Pfukwa. Chelsea's photo


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