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Degrees were awarded in Polymer Science, except where stated differently.

Graduati since 2000 are listed below. Information about earlier graduati can be obtained from the Webmaster.

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N Sibanda.  Sustainable functional materials from lignin: Oxidative depolymerisation, monomer synthesis and polymerisation.  Prof H Pasch, Dr H Pfukwa.

RPG Dreyer.  RAFT polymerization as a scaffold for the synthesis of SNAP-tag labels.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

ME Matthews.  Solid state interactions of materials: Applications-based solid-state NMR spectroscopy. Prof AJ van Reenen

M Smit.  Polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles for the dignosis and treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dr M Lutz.

L Kellermann.  Hydrogels as reversible, non-hormonal male contraceptives.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

MS Liprini. Developing marker technologies to probe complex polymers and products. Prof AJ van Reenen, Dr M Lutz.

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JL Barnard.  Structure-property relationships in PVC-lubricant compounds.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

CM Smit.  PVP-enzyme bioconjugates.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

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D Murima. Development of advanced methods for the analysis of star and highly branched polymers. Prof H Pasch.

S Jokonya. PVP bioconjugates of membrane disruptive peptides. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa, Prof M Rautenbach.

SI Magagula. The effect of controlled rheology on the molecular structure of heterophasic ethylene-propylene copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen.

E Barnard. Synthesis, structure and crystallization behaviour of amphiphilic hetero-arm molecular brushes with crystallizable poly(ethylene glycol) and N-alkyl side chains. Prof L Klumperman.

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PB Venter. Analysis of complex tannins by multidimensional techniques.  Proffs AJ de Villiers, H Pasch.

NM Begum. Designing PoEGylated tyrocidine for improved antiplasmodial chemotherapy. Prof B Klumperman.

A Botes. The investigation of new developed chitin and chitosan nanomaterials for efficient removal of heavy metals from wastewater. Proffs AJ van Reenen, SS Ray, Dr M Lutz.

UL Muza. Thermal field-flow fractionation and the advanced analysis of complex polymers. Prof H Pasch.

SB Eghbali Dogaheh. An investigation into the functionalization of poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) with calixarenes and their potential applications. Proffs GE Arnott, PE Mallon.

L Fortuin. Biodegradable polymeric prodrugs for the delivery of antimalarial combination therapy. Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

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E Harmzen-Pretorius.  Preparation of novel functional polymeric nanoparticles and various applications.  Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

W van Schalkwyk.  Tuning polyisocyanide hydrogel stiffness.  Prof L Klumperman

U Narsingh.  Block and graft copolymers as flocculants for wastewater treatment.  Prof L Klumperman.

A Kargaard.  Polymeric delivery of miRNA therapeutics.  Prof L Klumperman.

PS Eselem Bungu.  Development of a multiple fractionation protocol for the comprehensive anaysis of low density polyethylene.  Prof H Pasch.

A Ndiripo.  High temperature multidimensional chromatography of complex and functionalized polyolefins.  Prof H Pasch.

S Mbizana.  Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)-polypeptide based antitumor nanocarrier and cell viable L-arginine L-aspartic acid and glycine terpolymer.  Prof L Klumperman, Drs R Pfukwa, L Hlalele.

IM Heyns.  The use of 3-methyl-2-pyrrolidone-based (co)polymers in industrial and biomedical applications.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

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MM Phiri.  Synthesis of high solids coatings based on molecular brushes.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

AC Makan.  Novel characterization of decorative coatings using field-flow fractionation and a multi-detector approach.  Prof H Pasch.

L Taleli. (Chemistry)  Synthesis polymer-bound small-molecule kinase inhibitors as anti-tumour agents.  Proffs L Klumperman, WAL van Otterlo.

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GH Greyling.  Field-flow fractionation of amphiphilic block copolymers.  Prof H Pasch.

JM Phiri.  Multidimensional analytical approach for the characterization of complex ethylene propylene copolymers.  Prof H Pasch.

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TG WrightInvestigation of living radical polymerisation mechanisms by advanced fractionation methods.  Prof H Pasch.

DD Robertson.  Solution crystallization of polymers.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

AA Ilchev.  Stimuli-responsive polymeric drug-delivery systems for chemotherapy.  Prof L Klumperman.

WJ Cloete.  Strategies of antibiofouling membranes.  Prof L Klumperman.

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PW Reader. Anti-malarial polymer-peptide conjugates.  Prof L Klumperman

L BothaThe effect of in-process ethylene incorporation on the evolution of particle morphology and molecular characteristics of commercial heterophasic ethylene propylene copolymers (HEPCs) Prof AJ van Reenen.

KG Maiko.  Multidimensional separation of complex polymers according to microstructure.  Prof H Pasch.

NP Mongwaketsi.  Studies on porphyrin-based nanorods for artificial light harvesting applications.  Prof M Maaza, Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Sparrow

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AZ Al.Aeeb.  Nanocolorants for hot-melt inks.  Prof L Klumperman

NC Basson.  The effect of molecular composition on the properties of polyolefin-wood composites.  Prof AJ van Reenen. 

S Cheruthazhekatt.  Novel multidimensional fractionation techniques for the compositional analysis of impact polypropylene copolymers.  Prof H Pasch

WAS Hadasha.  Alternating hetero-arm copolymer molecular brushes as scaffolds for inorganic nano-wires.  Prof L Klumperman.

L Keulder. The preparation of polyolefin nanofibres by solution electrospinning.  Prof AJ van Reenen

NO Pretorius.  Multidimensional analytical techniques for the characterization of aliphatic polyesters.  Prof H Pasch

M Swart.  The effect of controlled degradation with an organic peroxide on the molecular characteristics and properties of heterophasic propylene-ethylene copolymers (HECO).  Prof AJ van Reenen

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N Bailly.  N-Vinylpyrrolidone – vinyl acetate block copolymers as drug delivery vehicles.  Prof L Klumperman

M Brand. The use of laser light scattering to study solution crystallization phenomena in polyolefins. Prof AJ van Reenen.

OES Bshena.  Synthesis of permanent non-leaching antimicrobial polymer nanofibers.  Prof  L Klumperman

H Chirowodza.  Polymer-clay nanocomposites prepared by RAFT-supported grafting.  Prof H Pasch, Dr PC Hartmann

L Cronje.  Surface modification of styrene maleic anhydride nanofibers for efficient capture of Mycobacterium tuberculosisProf L Klumperman

A du Toit.  The use of chromium/bis(diphenylphosphino)amine catalysts in tandem ethylene copolymerization processes.  Prof AJ van Reenen

HM Etmimi.  New approaches to the synthesis and exfoliation of polymer/functional graphene nanocomposites by miniemulsion polymerization.  Proffs RD Sanderson, PE Mallon

NP Gule.  Electrospun antimicrobial and antibiofouling nanofibres.  Proffs L Klumperman, TE Cloete

B Klumperman. (DSc) NMR studies of radical polymerisation processes. Prof PE Mallon.

R Pfukwa.  Hierarchical self-assembly of novel para-aryltriazole helical foldamers.  Prof L Klumperman

E Zengeni.  Highly filled water based polymer/clay hybrid latexes. Prof H Pasch

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NGI Greesh.  Preparation of polymer-clay nanocomposites via dispersion polymerization using tailor-made polymeric surface modifiers. Dr PC Hartmann, Prof RD Sanderson. 

GM Bayley.  Novel electrospun fibers of amphiphilic organic-inorganic graft copolymers of poly(acrylonitrile)-graft-poly(dimethylsiloxane) for silicone composite reinforcement. Prof PE Mallon. 

WKS Elhrari.  Synthesis and characterization of multiphase copolymers. Prof PE Mallon.

V Cloete.  Impact of molecular structure on water vapour sorption properties in nanostructured polymeric films. Prof H Pasch, Dr PC Hartmann.

L Hlalele.  Kinetic and mechanistic features of nitroxide mediated (co)polymerization. Prof L Klumperman. 

MAM Sweed.  Free volume properties of semi-crystalline polymers. Prof PE Mallon. 

ISA Amer.  Molecular weight effects on crystallization of polypropylene. Prof AJ van Reenen.

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RAS Fleet.  Synthesis and characterization of glycopolymer brushes. Prof L Klumperman.

AN Shebani.  The effect of wood composition and compatibilisers on the properties of polyolefin/wood fibre composites. Prof AJ van Reenen, Dr M Meincken.

ARMA Klash.  Localisation and quantification of chemical functional groups in pulp fibres. Dr M Meincken, Prof AJ van Reenen. 

OMAT Soltan.  Polypropylene/filler nanocomposites by melt compounding and in situ polymerization. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

ABE Abduallah.  Synthesis and morphological characterization of segmented and branched polydimethylsiloxane-polyester copolymers.  Prof PE Mallon.

N Akeroyd.  Click chemistry for the preparation of advanced macromolecular architectures. Prof L Klumperman. 

AAM Alshuiref.  Synthesis and characterization of two novel urethane macromonomers and their methacrylic/urethane graft copolymers. Prof RD Sanderson.

CJ Greyling.  Electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile nanofibers with additives: Study of orientation and crystallinity. Prof RD Sanderson.

FM Saoud.  Supraparamagnetic nanoparticles for synthesis and purification of polymers prepared via controlled/”living” radical polymerization (CLRP). Prof RD Sanderson, Drs MP Tonge, WG Weber

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KMS Al-Kaabi.  The synthesis, chemical and physical characterisation of selected energetic binder systems. Prof AJ van Reenen.

E de Goede. The development of analytical techniques for studying degradation in impact polypropylene copolymers.  Proffs H Pasch, PE Mallon.

GW Harding.  The structure-property relationships of polyolefins. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

H Matahwa.  Chemical modification of polysaccharides with hydrophilic polymers for CaCO3 crystal growth modification and filler retention, for paper applications.  Prof RD Sanderson.

A Samakande.  Use of the RAFT technique as an efficient method to synthesise well-defined polymer-clay nanocomposites with improved properties. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr PC Hartmann.

ETA van den Dungen.  Self-healing coatings based on thiol-ene chemistry. Prof L Klumperman.

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V Ramiah.  Tailored glycopolymers. Prof RD Sanderson. 

AE Smit.  Studies towards high-throughput production of nanofiber yarns.  Prof RD Sanderson.

I Staisch.  Novel siloxane block copolymers. Prof RD Sanderson. 

W John.  Synthesis, properties and analysis of polyDADMAC for water purification.  Proffs RD Sanderson, CA Buckley.

GEN Pound.  Reversible addition fragmentation transfer (RAFT) mediated polymerization of N-vinylpyrrolidone. Prof L Klumperman.

L van Kralingen (Chemistry).  Controlled polymerization of amino acid derivatives. Dr MW Brdenkamp, Prof RD Sanderson.

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LL Vatta.  Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles and their potential application in transition and platinum group metal ion extraction.  Proffs KR Koch, RD Sanderson.

EE McLeary. (Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands) Perspectives on a zeolite membrane reactor for C5/C6 hydroisomerization. Proffs JC Jansen, F Kapteijn.

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AR de Vries.  New monomer for hydrophobic acrylic copolymers and their novel properties.  Prof RD Sanderson.

M Martari.  Structure-function relationships of bolaamphiphilic peptides and peptide hybrids. Prof RD Sanderson.

JP Theron.  (Process Engineering)  Development of crosslinkable, thermoplastic polyurethanes for cardiovascular prostheses.  Prof JH Knoetze, Dr D Bezuidenhout, Prof RD Sanderson.

S de Goede.  Novel analytical approaches for studying degradation in polypropylene and propylene-1-pentene copolymers. Proffs H Pasch, RD Sanderson.

S Govender.  (Biochemistry)  Bio-affinity separation using ligand modified pluronic and synthetic membranes. Proffs P Swart, EP Jacobs.

NE Luruli.  New synthetic and characterization strategies for polyolefins. Proffs HG Raubenheimer, H Pasch, AJ van Reenen.

M Lutz.  Structure-property relationships of commercial propylene/1-pentene random copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

L Tichagwa.  Synthesis of acrylate-based polymeric and polymerisable surfactants and their application in the emulsion polymerisation of styrene. Prof RD Sanderson.

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S Seboa.  Synthesis and characterization of tailored polyurethane coatings. Prof RD Sanderson.

S Mange.  Synthesis and characterization of a novel olefin-modified acrylate monomer, 1-methyl-1-propyl-hexyl acrylate.  Prof RD Sanderson.

CE Morkel.  Synthesis and characterisation of amphiphilic block copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen.

L Siphuma.  Novel a-olefin polymer systems. Prof AJ van Reenen.

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PGL Baker.  Sol-gel preparation, characterization and electrochemistry of mixed metal tin oxide electrodes. Proffs AM Crouch, RD Sanderson. 

JB McLeary.  Reversible addition-fragmentation transfer polymerization in heterogeneous aqueous media. Proffs L Klumperman, RD Sanderson, Dr MP Tonge.

FM Calitz.  Mechanistic studies of reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer-mediated polymerization. Prof RD Sanderson.

VB Naidoo.  Supramolecular chemistry of novel synthetic bio-macromolecular assemblies. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr M Rautenbach.

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HF Potgieter.  Fischer-Tropsch ionomeric waxes. Prof RD Sanderson.

E Sprong.  Structure/property relationship of model alkali-soluble rheology modifiers synthesised via the RAFT process. Prof RD Sanderson.

I Goldie.  Economically viable solar stills. Proffs WJ Engelbrecht, RD Sanderson.

DE Ganeva.  Nanochemistry through self-assembly: Polymerization of the organised phases of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes. Prof RD Sanderson, DR CFJ Faul.

AJP van Zyl.  Synthesis, characterization and testing of nano-structured particles for effective impact modification of glassy, amorphous polymers.  Proffs L Klumperman, RD Sanderson.

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SM Graef.  Innovative spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques for the analysis of complex polyolefins prepared by metallocene catalysis. Proffs H Pasch, RD Sanderson.

J Li. Real-time investigation of fouling phenomena in membrane filtration by a non-invasive ultrasonic technique. Prof RD Sanderson.

SPJ Smith.  Supported zeolite A membranes.  Feasibility of the static transverse synthesis – a new approach. Proffs JC Jansen, RD Sanderson.

M Meincken.  Film formation and thermal transitions of polymers studied by atomic force microscopy. Proffs RD Sanderson, L Balk.

WC Michaels.  Microheterogeneous solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) membranes for electrocatalysis. Dr DG Bessarabov, Prof RD Sanderson.

WJ Opperman.  (Food Science)  Thin monolithic slow-release devices for optimum in-package preservation of export table grape varieties. Proffs TJ Britz, RD Sanderson.

AH Potgieter.  Propylene/1-pentene random copolymers: Preparation, characterisation and commercialisation. Prof RD Sanderson.

ES Shanyengana.  Groundwater chemistry and supplementary sources of freshwater in arid environments: groundwater salination, solar desalination and fog collection. Prof RD Sanderson.

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D Bezuidenhout.  Porous polymeric superstructures as in-growth scaffolds for tissue-engineered vascular prostheses. Proffs P Zilla, RD Sanderson. 

L Coetzee.  Adamantane copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

K Mequanint.  Self-assembling metal coatings from phosphated and silicone-modified polyurethane dispersions. Prof RD Sanderson. 

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CFJ Faul.  Directed synthesis of polymer mesostructures. Prof RD Sanderson.

DJ Joubert.  Ethylene and propylene copolymers utilising Fischer-Tropsch a-olefins. Prof AJ van Reenen.

JN Keuler. (Eng, Chemical)  Optimising catalyst and membrane performance and performing a fundamental analysis on the dehydrogenation of ethanol and 2-butanol in a catalytic membrane reactor. Proffs L Lorenzen, RD Sanderson. 

JH Grimm.  Electrochemical purification of hazardous organic compounds from wastewater by means of novel electrode materials and a solid-polymer-electrolyte-reactor system. Proffs RD Sanderson, U Simon.

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