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Degrees were awarded in Polymer Science, except where stated differently.

Graduati since 2000 are listed below. Information about earlier graduati can be obtained from the Webmaster.

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R van Niekerk. Phase behaviour of hetero-arm molecular brushes. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

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MHO Pretorius. Ternary hydrogel blends of water soluble polymers: A fundamental study. Drs M Lutz, NP Gule.

Ball LE. Synthesis and characterisation of hairy poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles. Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa

SK Roman. Thermoresponsive hydrogels from poly(ethylene glycol)-based graft poly(dimethyl siloxane) amphiphilic copolymers with tunable lower critical solution temperature. Prof PE Mallon

S Sibariboyi. Synthesis of poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride)-based zwitterionic copolymers for nanodisc formation. Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa

C Gqola. Synthesis of PVP-based hydrogels for the removal of organic and inorganic pollutants. Dr R Pfukwa, Prof B Klumperman

GV Garbonova. The synthesis and investigation of poly(N-vinylpyrrolildone) based hydrogels. Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa

RM Chagwedera. Investigation of side reactions in the conventional radical polymerisation of maleic anhydride and n-butyl vinyl ether. Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa

MH Lamola. Structure-property relationship of bimodal high density polyethylene: Effect on rheology. Proffs AJ van Reenen, H Pasch

PZ Ndlovu. Long chain branching analysis of polyethyelene using advanced fractionation methods.  Prof H Pasch

A Wessels. Structure-property relationsips in bimodal HDPEs. Prof AJ van Reenen

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RD Cunningham. Effect of monomer distribution on the efficiency of poly(styrene-co-maleic acid) lipid particle (SMALP) formation. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

H du Plessis. Synthesis of functional polymeric nanoparticles for the use in the formation of semi-permeable microcapsules. Prof L Klumperman.

LO Paulse. Porous carbon nanocomposite and ceramic nanofibres. Prof PE Mallon.

AHP Cronjé. The uptake mechanism of poly(styrene-co-maleic acid) based particles by mammalian cells. Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

H Pesch. Modification and incorporation of chitosan nanoparticles into polymer matrices. Dr M Lutz, Prof AJ van Reenen.

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N Sibanda.  Oxidative depolymerization of technical lignins into value added chemicals.  Prof H Pasch, Dr H Pfukwa.

L Bertossi.  The bio-conjugation of Chytochalasin B.  Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

LJ KleynhansThe effect of catalyst composition on the fundamental properties of isotactic polypropylene.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

MGM van Niekerk.  Porous carbon nanofibers containing silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticles by carbonisation of electrospun amphiphilic copolymer nanocomposites.  Prof PE Mallon.

FB Mamba. Antimicrobial biodegradable materials based on E-caprolactone. Dr NP Gule, Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

P Nyakombi. Silk-cellulose nanofiber membranes for applications in water treatment. Dr NP Gule, Proffs Klumperman, F Vollrath.

GC Kuyler. Physically crosslinked thermo-responsive hydrogel nanofibres with tuneable hydrophobicity based on poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide)-graft-poly(dimethyl siloxane). Prof PE Mallon.

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DK Shabangu.  The incorporation of poorly soluble drugs into nanofibers by electrospinning from carboxylic acid polymer solutions.  Prof PE Mallon.

BJC van der Westhuizen.  Polyester functionalisation for mycobacterial capture.  Prof AJ van Reenen, Dr L Cronje.

JL Barnard.  Morphological effects of chemical composition on the permeability of polyolefin films.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

NA Dyayiya.  Incorporation of different antimicrobial agents into a poly(ethylene-co-vinyl-alcohol) matrix.  Dr M Lutz.

M SmitPolymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles for the efficient capture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb).  Dr M Lutz.

M Motsi.  Fabrication and characterisation of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) nanofibres with biocidal additive for water filtration.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

BH Krige.  Failure analysis of LLDPE based materials.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

RPG Dreyer. Towards a multi-epitope cell imaging technique assisted by metal-chelating polymers and SEM-EDS.  Prof L Klumperman.

N Harmzen.  Synthesis and modification of sequence-controlled styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer.  Prof L Klumperman.

ME Matthews. Crystallisation behaviour of commercial polyethylenes: a fundamental study.  Prof AJ van Reenen

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S Jokonya.  Prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) targeting polymer-peptide conjugates.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa, Prof M Rautenbach.

A MichlerPVPylation of catalase.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

R KempCoaxial electrospinning for the reinforcement of nanofibre mats.  Dr NP Gule, Prof L Klumperman.

S Wagenaar.  The synthesis and characterization of films and nanofibers from novel poly(N,N’-dimethyl acrylamide)-graft-poly(dimethyl siloxane) amphiphilic hydrogels.  Prof PE Mallon.

UL Muza.  Multidetector thermal field-flow fractionation (ThFFF) as a characterization technique for complex polymer self-assemblies.  Prof H Pasch.

I WeidemanOrganocatalytic anionic polymerization of o-phthalaldehyde and n-butyraldehyde.  Dr R Pfukwa, Prof L Klumperman.

N WhitingDouble-layered wound dressing based on electrospun antimicrobial polymer.  Prof B Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

TN MatsvaireSynthesis and characterisation of chitosan based sponges for wound dressings.  Dr M Lutz.

NW Radebe.  Coupling of thermal field-flow fractionation and FTIR spectroscopy for the fractionation and analysis of complex polymers.  Prof H Pasch.

Z Viktor.  Comprehensive analysis of modified hyaluronic acid by multidimensional chromatography.  Prof H Pasch, Dr H Pfukwa.

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K Moodley. The scaling up of highly filled polymer clay nanocomposites with regard to clay loading. Prof H Pasch.

H Diedericks.  Controlled release of an antimicrobial substance from polymer matrices.  Prof AJ van Reenen, Dr L Cronje.

AN du Plessis.  Functionalized polymer nanofibrous substrates as capturing platforms for mycobacteria.  Dr L Cronje.

PJ Siebert. Electrospun carbon nanotube filled composite nanofibres by non-covalent compatibilization. Prof PE Mallon.

N van Deventer. Electrospun composite nanofibres with magnetic carbon nanotubes. Prof PE Mallon.

L Verwey. Hydrogels based on poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) for the application of reversible male contraceptive.  Prof L Klumperman.

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C Human.  Facile method for producing silicon containing porous carbon nanofibers from amphiphilic copolymers.  Prof PE Mallon.

L Fortuin.  Modified chitosan nano-substrates for mycobacteria capture.  Dr L Cronje.

SI Magagula.  The effect of organic peroxides on the molecular composition of heterophasic ethylene-propylene impact copolymers (HEPCs).  Prof AJ van Reenen.

CB Botha.  Characterization of natural polymers for cosmetic applications.  Prof H Pasch.

L Maku.  Identification and characterization of additives in colourants by advanced analytical techniques.  Prof H Pasch.

M Volschenk.  Characterisation and development of antifouling coatings for metal surfaces in aquatic environments.  Prof TE Cloete, Dr M Botes.

J Giliomee.  Block copolymer vesicles on mammalian cell scaffolds.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

IM Heyns.  Synthesis and structure-property relationships of 3-methylene-2-pyrrolidone-based (co)polymers.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr R Pfukwa.

D Murima.  Novel barrier coatings based on nanoclay-polymer composites.  Prof H Pasch.

A Nidripo.  Comparative study on the molecular structure of ethylene/1-octene, ethylene/1-heptene and ethylene/1-pentene copolymers using advanced analytical methods. Prof H Pasch.

MS Le Grange.  The use of fluorescence to probe morphology changes in complex polymers.  Prof AJ van Reenen, Dr M Lutz.

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A Kargaard. Polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels as effective tissue engineering scaffolds.  Prof L Klumperman.

A Swanepoel. Preparation and surface-functionalization of dye-doped bioconjugated poly(styrene-co-maleimide) nanoparticles.  Prof L Klumperman.

A Nel.  Investigation of effect of chitin nanowhisker distribution on structural and physical properties of high impact polypropylene/chitin nanocomposites.  Dr M Lutz.

S Mbizana. Kinetic study of copolymerization and terpolymerization of N-carboxyanhydrides of ornithine, glycine and aspartic acid.  Prof L Klumperman.

N Ngaza. Thermal field-flow fractionation and asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation as new tools for the analysis of block copolymers and their respective homopolymers.  Prof H Pasch. 

N Basson.  Free volume of electrospun organic-inorganic copolymers.  Prof PE Mallon

E Harmzen.  Study of nanofibrous membrames for application in postharvest technology.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr L Cronje.

F Meltz.  Amphiphilic electrospun fibres of poly(methacrylic acid)-graft-poly(dimethylsiloxane) copolymers as a means to controlling electrospun fibre morphology and obtaining nanofibre hydrogels.  Prof PE Mallon, Prof L Klumperman.

K Scharlach.  The non-covalent compatibilization of carbon nanotubes for use in polymeric composites electrospun nanofibres.  Prof PE Mallon

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ML du Toit.  Incorporation of polysaccharide nanowhiskers into a poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) matrix.  Dr M Lutz, Prof AJ van Reenen.  

MM Mothunya.  Mechanistic aspects of RAFT-mediated (co) polymerization by in situ 1H NMR.  Prof L Klumperman.

P Naidoo.  A comparative analysis of the chemical composition of linear low density polyethylene polymers synthesized with 1-hexene comonomer under different catalytic conditions. Prof AJ van Reenen

W van Schalkwyk.  Self-assembly of amphiphilic discotic materials.  Prof L Klumperman.

AC Willemse.  Electrospinning bicomponent nanofibres for platinum ion extraction from acidic solution.  Dr AE Smit, Prof KR Koch.  

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JJ Jacobs.  Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) – poly(y-benzyl-L-glutamate) conjugates.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr GEN Pound-Lana. 

AC Makan.  Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation (AF4) of polymers with focus on polybutadienes and polyrotaxanes.  Prof H Pasch. 

DD Robertson.  Studying crystallization kinetics using solution crystallization analysis by laser light scattering (Scalls).  Prof AJ van Reenen. 

I Tiggelman.  Migration of organic contaminants through paper and plastic packaging. Prof H Pasch, Dr PC Hartmann. 

CC Wilken.  Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) based biomimetic hydrogels.  Prof L Klumperman, Dr GEN Pound-Lana. 

M Malan. Novel materials for VOC analysis. Proffs PE Mallon, AJ de Villers.

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PW Reader.  Towards light switchable surfaces. Prof L Klumperman.

C Pringle.  Single bubble-electrospinning of polyvinyl alcohol and polyacrylonitrile solutions. Dr AE Smit, Ms A Gericke. 

TG Wright.  NMR studies on the mechanism of iodine mediated polymerisation. Prof H Pasch. 

WJ Cloete.  Development of permanently antimicrobial coatings. Prof L Klumperman. 

ME Grabowksy.  Two-dimensional chromatographic characterisation of PS-b-PEO copolymers at the critical conditions of their corrensponding homopolymers. Prof H Pasch.

NM Radebe.  Multidimensional fractionation of wood-based tannins. Prof H Pasch.

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D-L D’Aguiar.  Surface modified cross-linked poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(vinyl pivalate) suspension particles. Proffs RD Sanderson, H Pasch. 

Y Koen.  Synthesis and investigation of smart nanoparticles. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr JB McLeary. 

JM Simpson.  Synthesis and characterization of unsaturated polyesters for use in multi-vesiculated particles (MVAs). Prof PE Mallon. 

NC Basson.  The effect of molecular architecture on the properties of propylene impact copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

H Kriel.  Polylactic acid core-shell fibres by coaxial electrospinning. Prof RD Sanderson, Ms A Gericke. 

K Mpitso.  Synthesis and characterization of styrene - maleic anhydride copolymer derivatives. Prof L Klumperman. 

AC Sutherland.  Organic-inorganic hybrid graft copolymers of polystyrene and polydimethylsiloxane. Prof PE Mallon.

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E Zengeni.  Poly(acrylonitrile/methyl acrylate) copolymers and clay nanocomposites: Structural and property relationships. Dr PC Hartmann, Prof RD Sanderson. 

I Malherbe.  Coaxial electrospinning of reversibly thermochromic fibres. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr AE Smit.

ZH Eksteen.  Hybrid hydrogels on RAFT mediated poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone). Prof L Klumperman. 

H Chirowodza.  Synthesis and characterization of cationically and anionically modified poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrils. Prof RD Sanderson.

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N Bailly.  AB diblock copolymers via RAFT-mediated miniemulsion polymerization. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr MP Tonge.

M Brand.  Investigation of molecular weight effects during the solution crystallisation of polyolefins. Prof AJ van Reenen.

L Keulder.  The effect of molecular composition on the properties of linear low density polyethylene. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

R Pfukwa.  Synthesis and characterization of telechelic hydroxyl functional poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone). Prof L Klumperman.

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A Bowes.  Novel synthesis of block copolymers via the RAFT process. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr JB McLeary.

GM Bayley.  Synthesis and characterisation of organic-inorganic hybrid block copolymers of polydimethylsiloxane and polystyrene. Prof PE Mallon.

OESS Bshena.  Selected aspects of RAFT agents: The use of thiopene as an activating group in the RAFT mediated polymerization of styrene and the stereo-controlled polymerization of MMA via RAFT. Prof RD Sanderson, Drs WG Weber, MP Tonge.

MT Elbuzedi.  Material study and properties of polymers used in composite high voltage insulators. Prof PE Mallon. 

G Krügel.  Synthesis and characterisation of hybrid graft copolymers of polydimethylsiloxane and polymethylmethacrylate. Prof PE Mallon. 

NO Pretorius.  The investigation and analysis of RAFT-mediated block copolymers in aqueous dispersed media. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr JB McLeary.

JC Stegmann.  RAFT-mediated synthesis of graft copolymers via a thil-ene addition mechanism.  Prof RD Sanderson.

M Swart.  Synthesis and characterization of electrospun organic-inorganic hybrid graft copolymer nanofibres of poly(methylacrylate) and polydimethylsiloxane.  Prof AJ van Reenen. 

AZ Al.Aeeb.  The synthesis of oligo(1-butene) materials with vinyl endgroups and their use in further reactions. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

TM Kotsokoane.  Isolation and evaluation of extractable materials in commercial polyolefins. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

MS Pretorius.  Characterization of molecular properties of propylene impact copolymers.  Prof AJ van Reenen. 

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AAM Alshuiref.  Synthesis and characterization of urethane-acrylate graft copolymers. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr S Seboa.

ISA Amer.  An investigation of the effect of chain length on stereo-regulation with C2 symmetric metallocene catalysts. Prof AJ van Reenen.

AAM Baleg.  Synthesis and characterization of graft and block copolymers using hydroboration.  Prof PE Mallon.

WKS Elhrari.  Synthesis and characterization of comb-polymers with controlled structure. Prof PE Mallon. 

HM Etmimi.  Hydrophobic core/shell particles via miniemulsion polymerization. Prof RD Sanderson, Drs PC Hartmann, V Cloete.

RAS Fleet.  RAFT mediated polysaccharide copolymers.  Prof RD Sanderson, Drs JB McLeary, VGM Grumel.

NGI Greesh.  Preparation of polymer-clay nanocomposites using emulsion polymerization: Influence of clay modifiers on the final nanocomposites morphology. Prof RD Sanderson, Drs PC Hartmann, V Cloete.

WAS Hadasha.  Investigation of the copolymerization of butyl acrylate (BA) with vinyl neononanoate (VeoVa-9).   Prof RD Sanderson, Drs PC Hartmann, V Cloete.

AN Shebani.  The correlation of the molecular architecture of polyolefins with environmental stress cracking resistance.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

OMAT Soltan.  Solution isomerization of commercial C2-symmetric metallocene catalysts. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

ABE Abduallah.  Investigating the effect of dyeing on the surface of wool fibres with atomic force microscopy (AFM). Dr M Meincke, Ms A Gericke.

BA Johnson.  The influcence of processing on properties of injection-moulded and lomolded components. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

ARMA Klash.  Imaging and quantifying the different crystalline structures of polypropylene with the atomic force microscope. Dr M Meincken, Prof AJ van Reenen. 

AM Moses.  Synthesis of surface active alkanes for cellulose modification. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr V Cloete.

MAM Sweed.  Co-crystallization in polyolefin blends studied by various crystallization analysis techniques. Prof PE Mallon. 

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PV Fullaway.      a-Diimine complexes of transition metals for the polymerisation of lower a -olefins. Prof HG Raubenheimer, Dr VGM Grumel. 

A Samakande.  Synthesis and characterization of surfmers for the synthesis of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites. Prof RD Sanderson. 

H Matahwa.  Synthesis and characterization of surfmers for latex stabilization in RAFT-mediated mimiemulsion polymerization. Prof RD Sanderson. 

GW Harding.  The fractionation and characterisation of propylene-ethylene random copolymers. Prof AJ van Reenen. 

HPR Yoba N’Goma. The use of adamantane containing polymer in chemistry.  Prof AJ van Reenen.

AM Bivigou-Koumba.  Design, synthesis and characterization of novel RAFT agents. Prof RD Sanderson, Dr MP Tonge.

M Hermant.  An investigation into the mechanistic behaviour of RAFT-mediated miniemulsion polymerizations. Prof RD Sanderson. 

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T Abraham Berhane.  Degradation and recovery of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) based composites used as high voltage insulators. Prof PE Mallon 

CC Kriel.  Gel-particles for ink-jet paper coatings applications. Prof RD Sanderson. 

V Ramiah.  Tagged polymers as recognition agents.  Prof RD Sanderson. 

AJ Rabie.  Blends with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and plastomers. Proffs PE Mallon, AJ van Reenen.

E de Goede.  The development of a novel technique for AFM thermal analysis of individual phases in polymer mixtures after separation and identification via LC-FTIR. Prof RD Sanderson. 

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I Staisch.  Atom transfer radical polymerisation of unusual monomers. Prof RD Sanderson.

LE Liebenberg. (Biochemistry) Development of a novel metal chelate affinity chromatography matrix for the immobilisation of metal ions. Proffs P Swart, EP Jacobs.

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A Pienaar.  Synthesis and application of surfactants containing polymerizable groups.  Prof RD Sanderson.

S Seboa.  Polyurethane dispersions for paper coatings.  Prof RD Sanderson.

JJ de Kock. Fun with Polymers: Development of interactive multimedia and practical polymer science programmes. Prof RD Sanderson.

NE Luruli.  Synthesis and characterization of homo- and copolymers of a-olefins using metallocene catalysts. Prof AJ van Reenen.

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AR de Vries.  The effect of monosaccharide reducing sugars on the atom transfer radical polymerization of n-butyl methacrylate and methyl methacrylate.  Proffs L Klumperman, RD Sanderson.

G Domingo. (Biochemistry)  UF membranes operated on paper machine watewater:  Fouling tendencies and characterisation. Proffs P Swart, EP Jacobs.

M Lutz.  Metallocene and Ziegler-Natta catalyzed polypropylene utilizing 1-heptene. Prof AJ van Reenen.

PC Marais. (MEng, Chemical)  The hydrodynamic characterisation of an axial-flow membrane module. Proffs SM Brandshaw, EP Jacobs. 

M Smit.  Polymerisation of 1,5-hexadienes. Prof AJ van Reenen.

JJ Vosloo.  Controlled free radical polymerization in miniemulsion using reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT).  Prof RD Sanderson, Dr D de Wet-Roos.

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JP Botes. (MEng, Chemical)  Flux enhancement using flow destabilization on capillary membrane ultrafiltration.  Proffs SM Brandshaw, EP Jacobs. 

LJ Koen. (MEng, Chemical)  Ultrasonic-time-domain-reflectometry as a real time non-destructive visualisation technique of concentration polarisation and fouling on reverse osmosis membranes. Proffs L Lorenze, RD Sanderson. 

GV Webber.  Wax characterisation by instrumental analysis. Prof RD Sanderson, Mr N Dowler. 

FM Calitz.  Evaluation of styrene maleic anhydride as polymeric surfactant in emulsion polymerisation as a curing agent for the emulsion product. Prof RD Sanderson.

M Hodgson.  Emulsion polymerisation of styrene in the presence of reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer agents. Prof RD Sanderson.

JB McLeary.  An investigation into the nano-structure self assemblies of amphiphiles and their fixation by polymerisation. Prof RD Sanderson.

E Sprong.  Synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of macromonomers used to prepare rheology modifiers for possible improvement of the pigmentation of decorative coatings. Prof RD Sanderson.

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