MALATI Geometry materials . . .

Teachers should use the learner materials in conjunction with the teacher notes included with the materials and the rationale documents written for teachers:

MALATI vision for school geometry
Rationale for Spatial Sense
The Van Hiele Theory

Primary school



Prim 01

Interaction in Physical Space

Prim 02

Representations of 3D objects in 2 dimensions drawings

Prim 03

Representations of 3D objects in 2 dimensions nets and cross-sections

Prim 04

Position and Location

Prim 05a
Prim 05b
Prim 05c
Prim 05d

2-dimensional figures includes transformations
Note: This module consist of more than one document, connected by hyperlinks

Prim 06a
Prim 06b

Similarity / Enlargement

Prim 07a
Prim 07b



Secondary school

Sec 01a
Sec 01b

Similarity Grade 8

Sec 02

Exploring lines and angles using transformations Grades 8 and 9

Sec 03a
Sec 03b
Sec 03c

Polygons Grades 8 and 9

Sec 04a
Sec 04b

Area Grade 8