Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics IV

 Last updated: 31 July 2006  

New -- Proceedings now published (see below)
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The organizers thank all participants for contributing to a very successful workshop.


When & Where
WHERE: The Workshop was held at the University of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
WHEN:  November 23-25, 2005
Also see: Workshop series home page
The 1st Workshop (2003)
The 2nd Workshop (2004)
The 3rd Workshop (June 2005)
The 5th and upcoming Workshop (July 2006)
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The scope of the conference:









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Speakers and Lectures
Invited Speakers:
Zafar Ahmed (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, India)
PT-symmetry in conventional quantum physics
To be updated
Carl M Bender  (St Louis, USA)
Some new results on PT-symmetric classical and quantum mechanics
[.pdf] - 625kb
Michael V Berry  (Bristol, UK)
The optical singularities of bianisotropic crystals
To be updated
Joshua Feinberg  (Haifa, Israel)
“Single Ring Theorem” and the Disk-Annulus Phase Transition
Lecture: [.pdf]   [.ppt]
Quantized Normal Matrices: Some Exact Results and Collective Field Formulation
To be updated
Alfonso Mondragón (UNAM, Mexico)
Crossings and anti-crossings of energies and widths, changes of identity and geometric phases of unbound states
Lecture: [.pdf] - 866kb
Ali Mostafazadeh  (Koc/Istanbul, Turkey)
Dynamically Equivalent but Kinematically Distinct Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Systems
Lecture: [.pdf] - 913kb     [.ppt] - 2437kb
Maciej Nowak  (Krakow, Poland)
Random Hermitian versus Random Nonhermitian Operators – unexpected links
To be updated
Jacobus Verbaarschot (Stony Brook, USA)
Toda Lattices and Non-Hermitian Random Matrix Theories
To be updated
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Miloslav Znojil  (Czech Academy of Sciences/Prague)
Coupling of channels in PT-symmetric models
Lecture: [.pdf] - 131kb
Other speakers:
Cüneyt Berkdemir
Bound State Solutions of the Dirac Equation for the pseudospinsymmetry Morse potential
Lecture: To be updated
Emanuela Caliceti
Perturbation theory for PT-symmetric Hamiltonians
Lecture: To be updated
Patrick Dorey
On the reality (and unreality) of PT-symmetric quantum mechanics
Lecture: [.pdf] - 6482kb
Hendrik Geyer
Choice of physical operators and uniqueness of the metric
Lecture: [.pdf] - 205kb
Uwe Günther
Bundle stratification of PT-symmetric 4x4 matrix systems and fourth-order spectral branch points of
MHD a2 -dynamos
Lecture: To be updated
Dieter Heiss
Reflections upon the thermodynamic limit of the Lipkin model
Lecture: [.pdf] - 138kb     [.ppt] - 1023kb
Hugh Jones
Equivalent Hamiltonians for PT-symmetric versions of dual 2-dimensional field theories
Lecture: [.pdf] - 108kb
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Oleg Kirillov
Perturbation theory for non-self-adjoint operator matrices and its application to the MHD a2 -dynamo
Lecture: To be updated
Frieder Kleefeld
How about non-Hermitian Quantum Theory and the Correspondence Principle
Lecture: To be updated
Géza Lévai
On the pseudo-norm in some PT-symmetric potentials
Lecture: To be updated
Alexei Mailybaev
Berry phase around EP and DP degeneracies of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians
Lecture: To be updated
Frederik Scholtz
Metrics and more from Moyal products
Lecture: To be updated
Haydar Uncu
Solutions of the Schrödinger equation for Symmetric Dirac Delta Potentials in 1D
Lecture: To be updated
André Weideman
Spectral Differentiation Matrices for the Numerical Solution of Schrödinger's Equation
Lecture: [.pdf] - 890kb
Stefan Weigert
Detecting “Broken” PT-Symmetry
Lecture: [.pdf] - 357kb
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Ayse Berkdemir
Woods-Saxon square approximation to the solution of Dirac
equation for the Woods-Saxon potential with spin symmetry
Eva-Maria Graefe
Non-Hermitian two-level systems:
Crossing scenarios and Landau-Zener-type transitions
Johannes N Kriel
Solving non-perturbative flow equations using Moyal products



The following participants have registered for the workshop: [participants.pdf] - 85kb

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Click here for a list of abstracts: [abstracts.pdf] - 92kb

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Click here for the final program: [program.pdf] - 66kb

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The Editorial Board of the IOP Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General has approved the publication of a special issue on the topic of the workshop  (see the announcement here). The standard submission and refereeing procedure for JPA wil apply. Participants will be informed as soon as possible (also on this web page) about page length limits, format etc. Meanwhile the IOP web page  may be consulted for general instructions to authors.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts for the special issue is 15 February 2006.

Note that the proceedings of Workshop I were published in
Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004) pp. 1 - 156

and that the proceedings of Workshop II were published by its participants in
Czech. J. Phys. 54 (2004) pp. 1005 - 1148

and that the proceedings of Workshop III were published in
Czech. J. Phys. 55 (2005) pp. 1045 - 1192.

The Special Issue has now been published as:
J Phys A: Math & Gen, Vol 39 No 32, 11 August 2006.

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15 February 2006:
Deadline for submission of manuscripts to be considered for the special JPA issue.

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 General enquiries
 Christine Ruperti

 Workshop secretary
 Technical enquiries
 Tinus Botha
 Laptops, website etc.
PHHQP - Workshop IV
c/o Ms. Christine Ruperti
Department of Physics
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
7602 Matieland
South Africa
Tel:  +27-21-8083391(during GMT +2:00)
Fax: +27-21-8083385
PHHQP - Workshop IV
c/o Tinus Botha
Department of Physics
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
7602 Matieland
South Africa
Tel:  +27-21-8083387 (during GMT +2:00)
Fax: +27-21-8083385
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Hendrik B. Geyer (chairman)
Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Stellenbosch,
Matieland 7602, South Africa

W. Dieter Heiss
Department of Physics, University of Stellenbosch,
7602 Matieland, South Africa

Miloslav Znojil
Nuclear Physics Institute, 250 68 Rez, Czech Republic

Also see: "About the location"

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We intend to cover bed and breakfast accommodation for participants for the three days (four nights) in the University Residence Harmonie , situated conveniently close to the workshop venue (Jannasch Lecture Hall in the music conservatorium of the University of Stellenbosch ). Harmonie is also next to the attractive Botanical Garden of the University.


Please note that such support will be handled on the basis of 'first come first served', i.e. we'll follow the list of applications according to the dates of first entries (using the website or by e-mail) up to about sixty participants.


For delegates seeking accommodation in a hotel or one of the many excellent guest houses, we suggest browsing or any of many similar pages which can easily be found through Google.


Four excellent guest houses which are within five minutes walking distance of the workshop venue and the university campus have offered workshop participants special B&B rates for the four nights of the meeting. They are: 



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About the location




Click to enlarge

Stellenbosch - Vineyards
Cape Town - Table Mountain
Stellenbosch - Campus
Also see detailed venue and accommodation road map: [map_higher_res.jpg]  [map_lower_res.jpg]

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Just 45 minutes drive from Cape town lies the historical town of Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in South Africa and one of the most scenic. Its location in the heart of the Cape Winelands is in as beautiful a setting as you are likely to find anywhere.

Justly famous for its wine and fine cuisine, Stellenbosch has much to offer its visitors. A wide variety of activities await you, if you are an outdoor person the vineyards, mountains, streams and golf courses will tempt you to explore. If you prefer a more sedate experience, the many wine cellars offering tastings and sales, the fine restaurants, boutiques and historical architecture of Stellenbosch are sure to provide you with plenty to occupy your time.

The heart of the town lies somewhere near the oak-lined Dorp Street. With its venerable old buildings, this is the University´s main thoroughfare, where modern student life sits comfortably side by side with our history and architectural heritage.

Stellenbosch and the lovely winelands.
University of Stellenbosch
Physics Department at the University of Stellenbosch

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Photo Gallary
Gallery on the web: [link]
Download all images from above gallery in higher resolution: [] - 34mb
Get the larger official group photo: [group_main.jpg] - 308kb

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